Keraflex – Non-Invasive Refractive Correction Procedure

The VEDERA KXS system delivers a single low energy microwave pulse lasting approximately 50 milliseconds. This single pulse raises the temperature of the selected region of corneal stroma to approximately 65 degrees centigrade. It shrinks the collagen and forms a ring-shaped lesion in the anterior 150 microns of the stroma. Simultaneously the neighboring tissue and especially Bowman’s membrane are protected by an automated cooling process. The shrinking process results in flattening the cone and helps to regularize the cornea. At the same time it corrects the refractive error that was produced by the steepening in part or completely. We try to achieve an over-correction. Since collagen shrinking is only a temporary effect we stabilize the new shape of the cornea by applying the second step of the procedure:
corneal collagen crosslinking.

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Keraflex is used for:

  • Flattening of the cone / regularize the cornea / corrects refractive error
  • Possibility to improve patients uncorrected visual acuity
  • Increase the tolerance to wear contact lenses & glasses


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