We offer a wide range of treatments for rejuvenation, fat loss in problematic areas, skin tightening and cosmeceuticals. These valueable products from France, Italy, and Switzerland are highly effective, working deep in the tissue and ensuring highest levels of customer satisfaction.

As member of World Society of Antiaging Medicine we have been working at our Paulig Research Institute on the scientific background of various micronutrients regarding the eye (glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye), as well as aging and skin aging since 2007.

We continue developing innovative micronutrients in the context of evidence-based medicine. We follow strictly high quality standards with high quality ingredients produced in Germany. We look forward to your excitement when trying our products.

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Tel.: +49 30 264797790


Paulig Aesthetics Institut
Markgrafenstraße 35
10117 Berlin

Location UAE

Etihad Towers
Level 36
Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

+971 2 409 3181

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